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I seek to capture the real story and feel honored my clients allow me to come along for the ride - whatever that story may be.

I love my two dogs and horse with all my heart. My two dogs Lilly and Lucca like to sit and help me edit my photo sessions everyday. I've created an Instagram for them where you can follow their antics (they are very good at avoiding the professional camera, such divas) so most photos are cell phone pics. @lillyandlucca

So in answer to your question YES! your pups and even equine friends are encouraged to come along on our adventures!

I married a guy who loves to crack a joke, that guy - Alex is my second shooter and other than boudoir photography he usually accompanies me on most of my sessions and second shoots weddings. He's great at getting even the most stubborn person to crack a smile.

I am a photographer for couples who want to make true memories with their photos. Who forge their own path and aren't afraid to let their hair down and step out of their comfort zone for a dance in the rain, run into a blustery wind that might make your skirt fly and put wind in your hair, jump into a lake for an impromptu swim, or even a romp under a waterfall. Does this sound like you? 

Feel free to checkout this article on VoyageRaleigh Magazine to learn more about Chelsea!

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